Amazing Strip Clubs to Attend in Newcastle

Newcastle is a beautiful metropolitan region very close to the Rivers Tyne and Wyne. It’s an amazing city in the Northeast of England that hosts incredible attractions, cultural centers, and complexes. If you are someone who loves night parties, Newcastle also reputes a buzzing Nightlife. Did you just ask about strip clubs? Well, Yes! If you are looking to become one of the topless waitresses Newcastle features, where you can make good money from your stripping skills, Newcastle is also known for its top-notch strip clubs.

The major reason why Newcastle is a bustling destination for late-night parties or hangouts is its strip clubs. These clubs have everything you need to have the best night party experience.  From exclusive gentleman’s clubs that offer outstanding VIP packages to laid-back bars where you can hang with your buddies for entertainment and even sport. It never gets boring when you arrive in Newcastle. There is so much to do to keep you happy and excited.

Below are some top-notch recommendations for strip clubs in Newcastle-


You find this amazing strip club at the center of Newcastle, exactly on Dean Street. Here, you find a variety of topless waitresses Newcastle features that’ll give you nothing short of premium entertainment. It is popular for table-side dancing, lap dancing, and a lot of fun activities. With up to 4 refurbished and luxurious VIP booths, it has become a popular destination for corporate clients looking to relax and unwind. 

If you are a lover of champagne and a variety of bottled beers, you’ll enjoy it here to the barest maximum and you can also order for private dancers to entertain you. Moreover, if you love stage shows, you’ll be getting enough of it at Blue Velvet.


This strip club is the in thing in Newcastle. After going through a 2 million pound refurbishment, this club isn’t just for any nook and cranny. It is about 14,000 square feet and is one of the largest clubs you can find in the UK with up to four stages, 24 private booths, and 29 VIP booths for you to enjoy maximum entertainment. You’ll find a variety of breath-taking and beautiful topless waitresses Newcastle features here to feed your eyes with their amazing dances and bodies. There are also top-notch drinks to enjoy.

Even during weekends, this incredible club is open till 5:30 am. It indeed promises a memorable experience. Yes! VIP booths can also be opened upon request for you to enjoy completely nude and steaming private dances.


If you’re looking for an adult strip club to visit with your best buddies, you may want to visit Diamonds club. It is located in Newcastle very close to Grey Street. They offer amazing services for clients both corporate and non-corporate looking to relax and have a chill time. It’s an amazing place to feed your eyes with top-notch topless waitresses Newcastle features. You also get to order lap dances and private pole dances. If you love stage performances, it is an amazing place to enjoy them.


If you reside in Newcastle and you’re a lover of strip clubs and you haven’t been to SOME LIKE IT HOT, where have you been then? This club is the right venue to catch fun to the maximum, relax, and grab your favorite drinks while in the company of well-skilled topless waitresses Newcastle offers. It promises unmatched customer care and satisfaction. You’re also very free to order private nude dances and lap dances. In SOME LIKE IT HOT, you get it hot!


If you love horror movies and you’re looking to experience something similar in a strip club, you better hurry to the cooperage. It is reputed to be haunted so while entering you might experience a few ghosts lurking around! It’s only just for fun. You can hang with friends for an amazing time with nice drinks and nice topless waitresses Newcastle features.

Having discussed nice strip clubs you could visit, let’s quickly delve into-


One of the most liberating experiences for anyone could be watching a live strip show. It’s an awesome way to feast your imagination on anything you might be yearning for. Moreover, from the above strip clubs in Newcastle, you’ll notice that there aren’t the same. Thus, different strip clubs in Newcastle will give you diverse incredible experiences you might not see anywhere else. You can choose to attend FYEO this week and attend Blue Velvet the next. 

However, before visiting any of them, it is necessary to check for restrictions to avoid any kind of embarrassment. Below are some of them-


The first thing to do before planning to attend a strip club is to ask yourself “Am I old enough to do this?” Even if it is legal in most parts of Newcastle for 16-year-old to attend strip shows, most clubs would never let you in except you are up to 18, which is the legal age to attend such. Some establishments would even say you’ll have to be up to 21. So, endeavor to check this before visiting any.


Just as the saying goes “different strokes for different folks”. Diverse types of clubs in Newcastle can present various levels or degrees of nudity. Some strip all the way down while some just have bras and G-string panties on. In most clubs, you find more topless strippers though. 

Therefore, before attending any, find out if they suit your taste so you don’t go and get disappointed. Most of these clubs perform their striptease differently. The most common ones are lap dances, chair, and pole dances.


If you’re someone who has frequented a lot of strip clubs, you’ll know that phones are a no-go area. Although, some clubs may allow you to free text your friends with your phones while others, most of which reside in Newcastle; prefer you to turn your phone off. This is in a bid to avoid taking photos or recording strippers. It is quite disrespectful to record people while they are stripping. Thus, do your best to avoid this.


Newcastle is the place to be for unmatched stripper shows. There are just lots of strip clubs to visit. If you ever feel like you need to unwind and catch some fun, you can pay a visit to any of the above strip clubs in Newcastle.

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